Make it Easy for Prospects to Ask for your Attention

This is a quick topic and post. Something all of us should be doing. But something, in our rush to get the job done, we can sometimes overlook.

What is it we occasionally overlook or forget? We forget to make it extremely easy for our prospects to ask for some attention. This post is a reminder to make it abundantly clear to an interested prospect how they can request a call back from your company.

Some of our highest quality leads come from our Website. I use the analogy of a house. If someone comes knocking on the door (visits our Website) and wants to meet with us we should be polite, invite them in and tell them we would like them to stay a while. In fact, if they want to spend some 1:1 time with us, we need to make it easy for them to make this request.

Here are some examples of how three companies do this:

Symantec has a big yellow Talk to Symantec button on many of their pages. It really stands out and is easy to find. has a more subtle Contact Me on their left nav bar. The thing I like is that it’s always in the same place no matter what page you are on.

The one I actually like the best is an example from Oracle. They use a Have Oracle Call You button and when you click on it, up pops a very simple form where you enter your name, phone number and country. That’s it. Very easy!

No matter what approach you take, here are some best practices to keep in mind

  • Include a link to the request form on every page of your Website where it’s practical
  • Use color to help these links stand out on the page
  • When possible, put the link in the same spot on all pages so it is easy to find
  • Keep the request form as simple as possible

In summary, take the time to invite your prospects into your house and tell them you would like them to stay a while. You might find they take you up on the offer.

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